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ELO Iron - Frypan

ELO Iron - Frypan
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Frying the old-fashioned way
Frying like in the good old days? It‘s possible with Iron, bringing the iron pan back into the kitchen. For a reason, because it outshines its modern competitors in terms of durability, sturdiness and heat resistance. „Better heavy than sensitive“, say its fans, who can feel free to use whatever stirring tool they like. It‘s okay, because scratches and cuts won‘t do any harm to the surface. Want to put the fillet in the oven after searing? No problem: Iron easily withstands temperatures of up to 400 °C.

  • Iron
  • Hot and crispy preparation of food
  • Optimal heat conduction 
  • Specially large surface for frying
  • Ovenproof
  • Suitable for all types of hobs


  • 24, 28, 32 cm


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